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Cristiana Maccagno Benessia

Cristiana Maccagno Benessia is, along with Angelo Benessia, founding partner of the firm.

She is active in the field of civil law, with particular focus on commercial, corporate, insolvency matters.
She has gained specific expertise in corporate restructuring, insolvency proceedings and related litigation, working on a number of significant cases, also cross-border.
She has served as a member of Italian study commissions on the egislation regarding the insolvency of major enterprises and has been a member of the group of experts appointed for the drafting of guide lines of bankruptcy legislation in the EU.
She is regularly active in litigation either before Italian Courts and, along with foreign colleagues, abroad - and in arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrator.
As an expert in the matters of the legal profession she has been the coordinator of the international committee that drafted and issued
the Charter for the Practice of Law in the 21st Century, presented at the U.I.A. Congress in Turin, August-September 2001, and later adopted by the International Association of Lawyers as the “Carta di Torino”.
She has been a lecturer in Criminal Law at the University of Turin Law School.
She is admitted to the Turin Bar since 1966 and has been registered to practice before the Court of Cassation and the superior courts since 1981.
Languages: French and English.

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